Your property taxes are sky-high. Here's what N.J. governor candidates would do about it.

Updated April 24, 2017
Posted April 24, 2017

Like every election year, New Jersey's sky-high property taxes are atop the list of issues voters want their candidates for governor to tackle.

Once again, the Garden State was found to have the highest property taxes in the nation, which won't come as a shock to anyone who owns a home here.

In 2016, the average Jersey homeowner paid $8,549 per home, a 2.35 percent increase over the year prior, according to the most recent state calculations.

The reasons are myriad. Population density. Aging infrastructure. High cost-of-living. Higher labor costs. More than 1,100 towns and school districts. And New Jersey bans local income and sales taxes, which means that aside from state aid, it all comes from property taxes. 

Guess who foots the outsized bill? You, dear homeowner.

With that in mind, we asked every candidate for governor for their plan on property taxes.

Here's how they answered.


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