West Orange voters are answering the call in record numbers

By Owen Petrie | Essex County Politics
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The West Orange contest for mayor is turning out to be scorching hot. Turnout is much higher than expected and the race for mayor, according to many residents pouring into the polls seems to be between Eldridge Hawkins and Robert Parisi.

Parisi, who has angered and upset many West Orange voters by supporting issues that residents are clearly against including, bonding $6.3 Million taxpayer dollars, is feeling the brunt of voters today. This negative sentiment is driving high turnout for his opponents. Challengers working the polls say they can't remember the last time they witnessed such high activity and such dissatisfaction with an incumbent mayor.

2,500 West Orange residents have signed a petition and have been calling on Parisi to drop his support for the private developer but the mayor, who said in a public debate, "I value what residents say but I won't govern by referendum", seems to have turned his back on those West Orange voters.

And if voter turnout continues its current pace, West Orange just might be returning the favor today.
Polls close in West Orange at 8PM

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commented 2014-11-05 15:58:11 -0800
Owen, This simply is not accurate.