Women have always been known for washing things, from clothes to the home with the goal to remove dirt. The term “wash” is ofien synonymous with the chores traditionally associated with women. That is why close to 100 New Jersey women on an impromptu conference call held last week, decided to embrace this term and call themselves, W.A.S.H., Women Against Sexual Harassment. This informal and growing group of women, are determined to make their voices heard against the derogatory language used and harassment by Donald Trump against women across this nation.

A recent study found that 1 in every 4 women experience sexual harassment in the workplace. Every year, thousands of sexual harassment lawsuits are filed in companies and cities across this country. The percentage of people who are concerned over sexual harassment, particularly in the workplace, is monumental. Reports further indicate that more than 60 percent of Americans see sexual harassment as a problem in this country. While these numbers are terribly troubling, the fact is that many cases of sexual harassment are not reported primarily out of fear, leading to it being an historically underreported crime.

This troubling saga with Trump's attacks on and against women is unfathomable. The insults
and attacks on contestants in his beauty pageants to participants in his reality television shows, sexual harassment and assault against women and girls are never acceptable. We stand alongside women of New Jersey of all ethnicities, colors, religions, creeds and political affiliations to say enough is enough.

We further demand that Governor Chris Christie go beyond denouncing Trump’s comments and
immediately resign as chairman of the Trump transition team. Governor Christie should distance himself and our great state from the Trump campaign. W.A.S.H. refuses to remain silent while Trump continues this violence against women and Governor Christie continues to serve as the chair of his transition team.

Women of New Jersey are raising their voices in solidarity! Women of every socio—economic
level, from the GWB in Bergen County to the oceans of Cape May County, are encouraged to
join to W.A.S.H. away the highly offensive remarks, derogatory language, the sexist actions and overall disrespect of all women by Donald Trump. Trump is an equal opportunity offender — any and every female are apparently prey for his reprehensible acts against women.

As a symbol of solidarity, W.A.S.H. is encouraging all women of the great state of New Jersey to pause beginning at 12:00 PM on Thursday afternoon, October 20”‘ , for 30 minutes to stand with other women against sexual harassment and assault by Trump and to bring attention to our Governor refusal to publicly condemn Trump’s behavior. Plan to leave your office or work space if possible on your lunch hour and pledge not to shop for 24 hours. Also on Thursday, a press conference will take place on the steps of the State Capitol in Trenton.

This ‘Call to Action” is a non—partisan movement; it is not a Democrat or Republican issue — it is an issue of respect for women, teenage girls and humanity. This is a movement to take a stand for all women; those who are voiceless and those afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation.

Donald Trump’s attacks against women must be stopped. Governor Christie must step down and
the women of New Jersey must stand together on principle and purpose.

Women around New Jersey we invite you to join us and other women leaders to stand for your
grandmother, your mother, your aunt(s), your sister, your nieces, your girlfriends and yourself as we say no more to Donald Trump and absolutely no to Governor Christie continuing to serve as chainnan of the Trump transition team.

W.A.S.H. away Trump, Governor Christie, step down as chairman of the Trump transition team.

U.S. Representative Congresswoman Bonnie Watson—Coleman, NJ —12“‘ District

Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, 34“‘ Legislative District

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commented 2016-10-20 03:25:54 -0700
Absolutely Yes Jersey Girls. Kudos to W.A.S.H. As for Christie? In the words of his buddy Donald Trump, Get him outta there!! get him outta there!! get him the H*** outta there.