Symposiums (Let's Get Together)

By Carl Sharif

Now that the recent Newark Public Schools election is over we can all take a step away from politics and focus on how the community can coalesce to serve the educational needs of Newark Public Schools students.

I would like to begin by congratulating the victors in the election and giving a special congratulation to those board members (Board President Ms. Ariagna Perello and Board Vice President Mr. Marques Lewis) who have been chosen to steer the education system of our children into the future.

The time has come for a new and final guiding clarity. It would be prudent to put the previously expressed rancor behind us in search of a path that allows us all an opportunity to move forward on behalf of all students—insisting on accountability from all sectors of or system of public schools.

The problems of accomplishing the kind of education that will serve all children in Newark have been cited and recited. Continuing to raise them without offering solutions is as fruitless as bringing sand to a beach. That discredited canard should be honored with a final resting place in the rear view mirror so we can move forward without its distraction.

With that in mind, it is important to be perfectly clear on the direction and intentions of the Newark Public Schools. As much as possible the school agenda should be of a single accord that considers the community and serves children.  Anything else is a perversion of the purpose of a system of public schooling in a democracy.

We are calling upon our new school system leadership — Board President Ms. Ariagna Perello and Board Vice President Mr. Marques Lewis to immediately  hold a series of education symposiums to present themselves in their roles as our new education leaders, share their education views in depth and answer questions from the community. It would be a welcomed initiative and fresh start.

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