Sign the Petition and tell Verizon to #RaiseTheBar and Clean up the sloppy and dangerous work in Newark

DEMAND THAT VERIZON TREAT NEWARK BETTER THAN THIS... Dangerous and sloppy workmanship.


This poor worksmanship would not be tolerated in Maplewood or Montclair so why is it tolerated in Newark?

Residents must rise up and challenge their elected officials and those they appoint as liaisons in the community to help advocate for better living conditions—small things do matter. Where are the protests about this? Where are the district leaders, councilmembers, mayor's aids and ward liaisons? These are just a handful of photos but this is what it looks like all over Newark—we must demand that people treat us better than this.

Sign this petition to show your support for this effort. In addition, please share this petition and call City Hall and Verizon's corporate office and tell them you will no longer tolerate being treated this way.

Newark City Hall: 973-733-6400

Verizon corporate phone number: 212-395-1000

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Sign the petition: Tell Verizon to #RaiseTheBar and Clean up the sloppy and dangerous work in Newark
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WE demand our respect .
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