When credit is due…

By Newark Citizen


Congratulations are due to John Sharpe James for his decision to remove his campaign posters from an abandoned building. When informed that the posters were in violation of a city ordinance, his staff took them down.

It would be nice, of course, if all candidates for office did the right thing. But, experience cautions us not to be too optimistic. All too often, doing the right thing is something most candidates have to be shamed into. They do the right thing, the honorable thing, only when they are either forced into it or see an advantage in doing it.

In any event, candidate James did the right thing. Did he do it for the right reasons? Who knows…but at least he did it. Let us hope that more candidates for office in Newark do the right thing.

But this is Newark. And doing the right thing is not something we can expect from our potential leaders. Too bad.

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By Osman Shabazz


Photo by Forrest Drennen

This is both shameful, the blight of the abandoned fire hazard house and a Candidate posting a advertisement on it. The pathetic loss of the eye for beauty and an aesthetically pleasing environment runs from the top to the very bottom. Essentially, those who want to lead are not much different than those they seek to lead. Garbage in, garbage out is what's going on in Newark!

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Sayonara, suckers!

Owen Petrie

Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful. A pretty young thang hit up my inbox. She said she could sense my Owenness through my homepage. (I’m paraphrasing a little bit but that was the gist of it.) I didn’t know her but it turns out, she knows a lot of my friends. Well, mostly the men. I figured they’re probably the ones who let her know how great I am. Thanks guys. 

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Treatment of my daughter at a local pizza shop

By Walter Fields

My statement that is being released to the media regarding the treatment of my daughter at a local pizza shop today:

Today, my daughter, a 15 year-old sophomore at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, was subjected to treatment at a local business establishment, Maplewood Pizzeria (489 Valley Street), which I have fought against all of my youth and adult life. After being told by the shop owner that she could not eat the lunch she brought from home, my daughter complied and put her lunch in her backpack. She then sat with a friend who purchased lunch in the pizza shop. While sitting with her classmate she was harassed by the pizzeria owner, who told her she had to leave and called the police. My daughter stood her ground since she had not committed any crime or caused any problems and waited for the police to arrive. Once the police officer arrived, she calmly left the pizza shop and gave her name and address to the officer. It should be noted that several other students were asked to leave but the police were not called on them; only my daughter. 

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The Right Hand of Privilege

by Steven Jones, Ph.D.

Many of us struggle to understand the concept of privilege, the idea that some individuals receive unearned advantages in life solely based on being a member of certain social identity groups. Some of us strongly resist the idea that we have unearned privilege. A few common reactions to having privilege are:
“Privilege. As a man, I don’t have any privilege. I’m just an individual who works hard everyday to make ends meet. This is America. Everyone gets the same opportunities. If women don’t make gender an issue, there is none.”

“I am tired of hearing that White people have privilege. I am not going to feel guilty or be blamed for what has happened in the past. The playing field has been leveled. Race has nothing to do with it anymore.”

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Why would they?

The churches, mosques and temples are the pimps of the inner city. Maybe if these institutions of religion paid taxes the City of Newark would have enough money in its coffers to pay for police, sanitation etc. Wake up people...compare any ward of Newark to any suburban city and see how we have 20 religious institutions to their one NOT paying taxes!!!

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How do we move beyond the economic violence of racism?

Until America teaches every child in every school the whole unvarnished truth about American Chattel Slavery there is no hope to move beyond the debilitating social and economic violence of racism. 

White Americans bask in the heroics of American history as they present it. Black Americans in large part misunderstand and devalue our contribution to the greatness of the nation. These realities breed attitudes of “white entitlement” and “black worthlessness.”

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Reflection is required for growth and learning

I know ppl don't wanna hear it but I was just thinking, a couple of months ago when I was getting on ppl who defend gang violence, there was many ppl on the thread debating me on this stance. 

Then there were ppl watching & following who said nothing. 

Kinda ironic how now these same ppl see Zimmerman as a bad guy.

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