Opinion: Sheila Montague


Building a More Inclusive Community

A Perspective on Antiquated Political Practices and Gender Exclusion

By Sheila Montague

There is much that each of us can do to significantly impact change here in the city of Newark. One essential strategy is to initiate the process of raising social awareness as it pertains to community building. Not only does this cater to benefits of social reform, but it can simultaneously be used as a vehicle to decrease crime. There are two critical aspects in developing a stronger Newark that can be immediately implemented to establish vertical growth in the efforts of moving our city forward. The first of these is organization. Organization is a key component in developing a comprehensive strategy to develop a more unified structure within the city and decrease crime in our community. The second key element that must be included is mobilization. So, lets take a moment to examine how to strategically incorporate organization and mobilization into a means of attack in decreasing crime in our community. The game of chess represents a fantastic microcosm of today’s society as it pertains to the current political landscape in the city of Newark.

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OPINION: Do For Self!

Public Safety


Public safety is usually defined as the government's ability to provide protection against injury harm, or loss. As Africans born in America our introduction to this country undeniably is welded to the phenomena known as Middle Passage. Viewed as property, Africans in America are considered inferior, uneducable, deprived, disadvantaged and a liability to the economy and public good.

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Bring back the good old days!

By Phillip Battle 

Bring Back the good old days!!!!! Now lets see when was that-- oh When K. Gibson became Mayor; and diversified the city offices with all members of Newark. Or was it the time when Flamboyant-Yet very instrumental Sharp James for bring to the forefront AND IMPLEMENTING the AGENDA what is NOW TRANSITIONING into the NEW NEWARK (for those with an education that the State seems to DENY OUR CHILDREN) FOR PEOPLE TO COME WORK AND ENTERTAIN THEMSELVES. That's right UNFORTUNATELY--Newark is in trouble; the residents went to sleep and voted a wolf in sheep clothing (BOOKER) in office. 

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Newark school children locked in, really?

Can the State of New Jersey actually ‘imprison’ children against the will of their parents and guardians?

I was told of a very disturbing event that occurred at the Ivy Hill Elementary school, here in the West Ward of the City of Newark. Cami Anderson, the State appointed Superintendent of the Newark Public School system was recently at the school, during a time when parents, many active in the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), were also present.  Understandably, Newark parents are concerned and questioning the plans for the future of Newark public schools.  Despite positive gains that came be achieved through open dialogue, Ms. Anderson apparently moved a large group of students to the school’s library and ordered that parents not be allowed in and not be allowed to have contact with the students (their own children) . Incredibly, she ordered that the doors be locked, preventing the parents from entering or the students from leaving the library. She then had a ‘talk’ with the students. 

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Why not?

By Carl Sharif:
When it comes to the subject of education reform, there is much to study, analyze and understand. But my tired aged mind yearns, on occasion, for simplicity so we raise the following question: Why can"t we simply demand discipline and decorum from all staff and students in every school. And why can't this proposition be fully supported by parents and other members of the community? This requirement does not establish a bar higher than any community member can meet if he or she so chooses and it would create a foundation of order upon which we can build. Why not eliminate chaos by unyielding policy and create a civil point of departure for a journey that we can chart and navigate together. Why not?

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Newark and the paltry poultry show

There is a fowl stench emanating from the local media’s coverage of the Newark Mayoral race. There are no shortages of substantive issues that Newark’s next mayor must tackle, not the least among them are crime, joblessness, affordable housing, substandard schools and a sinkhole of a city budget. The next mayor, whoever he turns out to be, must be a deft politician, an efficient and nimble administrator, a decisive leader… and, if you go by the local news outlets, an adroit food handler.

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Thou shall not kill...

By Carl Sharif

I grew up in the Christian Church and my father (Deacon P. Dawson) was Chairman of the Deacon Board and quite a student of the bible. I will never forget a discussion he had with me when I was a very young boy.

I once asked him about the 10 commandments and he recited them to me. When he got to “Thou shall not kill” I was terrified. I thought of all the ants that I had stepped on, mosquitoes I had swatted and other major act of murder I had committed and was really scared that G_D was going to get me. He sensed my youthful concern and here is what he said to me:
“Son, most people know without being told that they should not take a human life. All life is sacred but human life is in another category.” He went on to tell me that the deeper meaning of the commandment was that I should never kill another persons enthusiasm, aspirations, opportunities, beliefs, dreams, hopes and desires. He explained that you could sap someone’s life force without taking his or her life.

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"Honorary Black Man"

By Owen Petrie

To hear The News tell it, Rich Incognito isn’t the only “honorary black man” in America.

A conservative, white Republican ran for a seat on the Houston Community College Board in a predominantly African-American, Democratic district. The mythology being propagated by the media is that David Wilson or as he’s known in the press, Anti-Gay-Dave Wilson, sent out mailers with images of black folks which essentially said, “Vote for me because…uh, I’ve got Negroes on my flyers…and, er, I’m black…maybe…yeah, that’s the ticket. I’m a colored fella.” And that was all it took to defeat a 24-year incumbent. If that’s true, well, then he ought to be ashamed of himself… and I’m not talking ‘bout the white guy. 

Bruce Austin, who really is an African-American, held the job for two dozen years and apparently was so inadequate at his job, or at least inconsequential to the position, that he lost to a campaign flyer. Not BECAUSE of an ad, but TO an ad. What does that say about the people of that district? To call them low information voters would be a gross understatement.

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A black person's life in America ain't worth a damn to many, if not most of my fellow countrymen.

By Owen Petrie

I googled, "Renisha McBride," because the story seemed so preposterous that I had to confirm it via multiple news sources. I don't know why I'm continually shocked by events like this.

People often ask me if I truly believe the sentiments I let fly out into the cyberverse. Let me state unequivocally that I absolutely stand by my ideas...and my thought for today and every other day is that a black person's life in America ain't worth a damn to many, if not most of my fellow countrymen.

Every year of my life there are multiple -- scores, if not hundreds -- of cases where police shoot unarmed black men as though they were rabid curs in the street. I watch and listen as people, almost always "conservative" and usually Republican, defend and rationalize those actions, usually at a rate of...Every. Damn. Time. It. Happens.

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The Blueprint for Long Term Success in Newark - Part 1

By Osman Sharif Shabazz

Inner Cities all across America find themselves dealing with many challenges. They generally run the gamut of steep poverty, single head of households above the National average, high crime, failing Public Schools, and selfish corrupt Politicians on the take looking out for themselves. The multitude of problems that has become endemic in Newark and Inner Cities across the Nation is why the rest of the Country cringe. They throw up their hands believing things will never change with “those” people. Those people being the Minority population that dominates most Inner Cities that the rest of society has securely isolated themselves from.

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