Women have always been known for washing things, from clothes to the home with the goal to remove dirt. The term “wash” is ofien synonymous with the chores traditionally associated with women. That is why close to 100 New Jersey women on an impromptu conference call held last week, decided to embrace this term and call themselves, W.A.S.H., Women Against Sexual Harassment. This informal and growing group of women, are determined to make their voices heard against the derogatory language used and harassment by Donald Trump against women across this nation.

A recent study found that 1 in every 4 women experience sexual harassment in the workplace. Every year, thousands of sexual harassment lawsuits are filed in companies and cities across this country. The percentage of people who are concerned over sexual harassment, particularly in the workplace, is monumental. Reports further indicate that more than 60 percent of Americans see sexual harassment as a problem in this country. While these numbers are terribly troubling, the fact is that many cases of sexual harassment are not reported primarily out of fear, leading to it being an historically underreported crime.

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OPINION: JODY PITTMAN |Time to Make a Decision


In the last 72 hours, I realized that I live a pretty complicated life these days.  I am a pretty smart woman, so I recognize that I have definitely gone out on a limb here and taken on what most say is impossible and at times I too wonder.  Add on, that one would say my attendance at events lately is in the role of a candidate for the Newark Public Schools (NPS) Advisory Board, but I am a Mother of two children, it is my primary job, and so I am on the scene as a Mom.  However, when I speak out as a parent, words like emotional and complainer are thrown, which doesn’t make you very popular in politics. But the primary reason for my being in space here. Tinkle a bit of, I am estranged from the people I respect most; some for their professional and or philosophical beliefs on education; some, their personal commitment to the work of ensuring children receive a quality education; or my favorite group for their parental fight for the community of children we serve.  Trust me; it’s complicated.

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Press conference turns violent on the steps of Newark's City Hall


Tensions rose today on the steps of Newark’s City Hall as Abdul Muhammad, spokesperson for New Jersey Commission on Violence attempted to hold a peaceful press conference amid a host of news organizations, concerned citizens and nearly 20 boisterous Baraka staff members. According to Mohammad, the press conference was aimed at bringing attention to the increased level of shootings and homicides in Newark. Muhammad said his goal was to rally the community to speak out and hold Newark’s elected officials accountable for not doing more to stem the tide. 

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Shocking home video captures Newark sanitation worker throwing garbage cans


Earlier today a West Ward residence of Newark captured nearly six minutes of shocking footage. An enraged Newark sanitation worker can be seen angrily throwing garbage cans on the sidewalk on Sanford Avenue.

The sanitation worker who has not been identified can be seen wearing an orange jumpsuit is caught throwing a total of eight garbage cans across the sidewalk, including two into the fenced in property of a resident. Several pedestrians witnessed this incident including a woman in a purple jacket who even seems to pause and comment before proceeding. Another person approaches and pauses and the sanitation worker waits for him to pass before hurling another garbage can across the fence line and onto private property.


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We have not been able to determine “THE HOW”, the strategy for success… | OPINION



RASHON K. HASAN: Member, NPS Advisory Board
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Is Extended Learning Time The Key To Turning Around Newark Public Schools?

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the faces of students, employees, and community members on social media and in the news protesting and speaking against Renew Schools and Extended Learning Time for Newark Public Schools.  At first glance it appeared that some may have been fighting against the very success tools or resources our students need most.  But if you peel back the onion or scratch the surface you will find that the argument is not against Renew Schools or Extended Learning Time, but rather the arbitrary standards and or non-existent policies that guide the implementation.  In the city of Newark, (NPS) Renew School initiatives are often viewed by the public as a way to tear down, rather than turn around failing or struggling schools within the district.

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East Orange Councilwoman Andrea McPhatter’s Baptism by Fire

Euphemisms are the tools of the trade in politics. Saying what one means, without actually defining what one means to say, is standard fare in political discourse.  I’m a fighter. I’m the people’s champion. I will empower your dreams. We’re in this together. I’ll stand by you…and so on.

Truth is a cauldron of veracity from which few politicians are required to eat. They say stuff and it lingers, open to the interpretations of supporters or detractors. East Orange Councilwoman, Adrea McPhatter is not among those public servants. She has been put to the test and during the most devastating time in her life, has proved her mettle and dedication to the residents of Essex County’s second most populous city.

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By Nadiel McPhatter 


Living a double life as a displaced high school student and a politician’s (East Orange’s Councilwoman Andrea McPhatter’s) daughter can be difficult. Managing my personal life and explaining my story is sobering. Just like any ordinary teenager, I have a story. 

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Symposiums (Let's Get Together)

By Carl Sharif

Now that the recent Newark Public Schools election is over we can all take a step away from politics and focus on how the community can coalesce to serve the educational needs of Newark Public Schools students.

I would like to begin by congratulating the victors in the election and giving a special congratulation to those board members (Board President Ms. Ariagna Perello and Board Vice President Mr. Marques Lewis) who have been chosen to steer the education system of our children into the future.

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Newarker Wants to Study Abroad in Vienna, Austria—But Needs Some Support


About Me

My name is Jamani Montague and enjoy comic books, my favorite food is collard greens, and I value my time. More importantly, I am deeply passionate about communication, equality, and education. I pursue my passion for communication through learning languages. As an International Studies major and German Studies minor, travelling is a large component of both my academic and personal life.  Being able to communicate effectively with people of different languages, cultures and values enables you to see yourself as a part of a larger, global society. Thus far, I am fluent in English, comprehensive in Spanish, and now learning to read, write, and speak in German. I plan to master German very soon, with the help of my study abroad experience, and then move on to French. I am also currently taking classes, outside of Emory, to earn earn my TESOL certification (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Personally, learning different languages and teaching English allows me to converse with, learn from, and build connections with people all over the world. It also allows me to inspire other women of color to see themselves as a part of a larger, global society, as I have come to see myself.

As a systematically oppressed black, lesbian, female living in America, pursuing equality is extremely important to me and a very large part of my life. As Alice Walker once wrote, “Activism is my rent for living on this planet.” Throughout high school, I served as President of the Youth Council for Global Unity, and non-profit organization based in the 34th legislative district of New Jersey, and sponsored by NJ State Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver. The council aimed to bring global consciousness to inner-city youth, focusing on topics such as human-trafficking, rape-culture, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

In the winter of 2014 I was selected to serve as Youth Coordinator for Newark Mayor Ras Baraka during his campaign. As youth coordinator, I organized youth canvassing, high-school and college voter registration, and youth engagement activities.

Independently, I served as an active speaker at Newark Public Schools advisory board meetings, addressing the various concerns of Newark students and advocating for local control of public schools.

I am an active organizer and protester. Currently, I stand as President of the Black Student Alliance here at Emory. I have organized countless vigils and demonstrations, on and off campus - in Georgia and New Jersey, in reaction to the countless black people murdered by the hands of state-sanctioned black violence. I have received countless honors and awards, including recognition as a NJ Governor's Spirit of a Hero Scholarship recipient (2014), a Questbridge Scholar (2014), Black Student Alliance Freshman Student of the Year (2015), and a ranking on the Emory University Merit List (2015).


Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey,  I have never left the east coast, let alone the country. I come from a socio-economic background where we treat airplanes like shooting stars because no one we know has ever been on one. This study abroad opportunity in itself is a transformation of a dream into a reality. As an International Studies major and a German Studies minor, my appreciation extends beyond both English and German words. Please donate, share my story with your networks, and help me get to Vienna this summer! Ich danke Ihnen fur Ihre Zeit (I thank you for your time). Attached is both my school and work resume, the program budget sheet, and a photo. 

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Opinion: Sheila Montague


An in depth look at who we're really fighting

By Sheila Montague

The Newark Public School system is currently in the process of completing the first round of district mandated PARCC testing. The PARCC test is yet another example of what is becoming of the world of education. Big business and profits have replaced real educational opportunities for students. This is a disturbing trend that has unfortunately become the norm rather than the exception, nationwide. As an educational advocate for the city of Newark, let me add my voice to the thousands upon thousands pleading for this gross injustice to cease. As citizens of the largest school district in the state of New Jersey, we need to be the strongest and loudest voice in saying no to the PARCC exam; a money making scam by big business hidden under the veil of educational reform. 

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