Shocking home video captures Newark sanitation worker throwing garbage cans


Earlier today a West Ward residence of Newark captured nearly six minutes of shocking footage. An enraged Newark sanitation worker can be seen angrily throwing garbage cans on the sidewalk on Sanford Avenue.

The sanitation worker who has not been identified can be seen wearing an orange jumpsuit is caught throwing a total of eight garbage cans across the sidewalk, including two into the fenced in property of a resident. Several pedestrians witnessed this incident including a woman in a purple jacket who even seems to pause and comment before proceeding. Another person approaches and pauses and the sanitation worker waits for him to pass before hurling another garbage can across the fence line and onto private property.


It has been reported that the sanitation worker in the orange jumpsuit might have been angered by the illegally parked Hummer that required him to walk a few extra steps in order to place the garbage in the truck. 

This video has spread across Facebook and several people who have commented in the thread, including the person who posted the video alerted several city officials including council members and Patrick Council who is currently serving as the Director of Neighborhood and Recreational Services. 

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