Newark Mayor's race: Candidates weigh in on new safety plan

By Naomi Nix/The Star-Ledger
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on April 16, 2014

NEWARK — Newark mayoral candidates Ras Baraka and Shavar Jeffries expressed widespread support of a new program that will put New Jersey State troopers on patrol in Newark.

Officials announced at a morning press conference the launch of the "TIDE-TAG" program, which includes the addition of dozens of troopers on Newark streets, harsher sentences for criminals who use firearms and increased vigilance for businesses that violate city codes and perpetuate crime.

"The legislators in Newark, the council, the residents have been calling for more police presence in high crime neighborhoods for a very long time especially since we have lost so many officers," said Baraka. "This is a good idea."

Baraka said he was happy to hear the initiative would involve multiple agencies to address city code enforcement and target people selling drugs out of businesses.

"Usually, we have strategies that just include the police, then they are effective for a few months, and then we go back to business as usual," he said. "To involve code enforcement...was refreshing to hear."

Jeffries also said he was supportive of the initiative, saying it was similar to the public safety plan he announced in October.

He said he was glad the initiative included working with prosecutors to impose stiffer sentences to people found carrying guns illegally and putting more officers on the street.

“The idea of more officers in our neighborhoods is critical,” Jeffries said. “We need more cops, we need more code enforcement.”

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