Newark Is Rolling Out Dumpsters, Trailers To Each Ward To Combat Litter

The continued neighborhood clean-up by DPW staff and community volunteers will take place on Saturday, July 23, at two staging areas in the South Ward:

  • Bo Porter Recreational Center, located on Lyons Avenue.
  • Clinton Avenue Sound Stage, located on Clinton Avenue between Peshine and Jelliff avenues.

Dumpsters will be deployed in each ward and moved around each week to expand their accessibility. The dumpster locations will be announced on Newark’s social media pages, NWK TV, and through the Newark’s People’s Assembly as the respective clean-up approaches.

Cleaning supplies including trash bags, brooms, rakes and shovels will be made available to residents in each neighborhood. Newark employees, community organizers, organizations and residents are invited to join in this collaborative effort.

“The Department of Public Works is committed to beautifying Newark by acting against uncollected and illegally dumped trash and debris in all five wards, while meeting our residents’ needs,” Public Works Director Craig Smith said. “We also remind residents of the changes in the ordinance, which will enable them to use larger receptacles to put out trash, require trash to be properly bagged, and the containers to have attached lids.”

Other major changes include the following, according to city officials:

  • It is prohibited to place any plastic bags containing trash or recycling on ground, sidewalks, or curbs. Trash and recycling must be placed in a suitable receptacle.
  • The receptacle is defined as an iron or plastic barrel with a maximum capacity of 65 gallons. This is an increase over the previous maximum of 30 gallons.
  • There shall be no loose garbage in the receptacles. All garbage must be bagged and placed in the receptacles.
  • Solid waste shall be placed in plastic bags with a minimum of 1.2 millimeters thick to prevent them from tearing and ripping when full.
  • The use of plastic grocery bags for storing and disposing of refuse is prohibited.
  • All receptacles must have attached lids.
  • Property owners are responsible for providing their structures and apartment houses of more than three dwelling units with receptacles.

Violators will be subject to action in Newark Municipal Court, according to city officials. Upon conviction, fines are as follows:

  • First Offense: $100
  • Second Offense: $200
  • Third Offense: $350 and/or up to 90 days of community service
  • Fourth and subsequent offenses: $1,500 fine, and/or up to 90 days of community service and discontinuance of solid waste collection until compliance is met.

A DPW booklet will be mailed to residents with valuable information including rules governing trash and recycling, bulk collection, tree and stump removal, and how to report illegal dumping.

If you or your organization would like to participate in the city-wide clean-ups, contact Tyreek Rolon at [email protected] or call 973-508-4338.

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