Newark High School Students Can Boost Their College Readiness Through This Program

NEWARK, NJ — High school students across Newark have an opportunity this year to get a head start on their college readiness through an innovative program headed by Pathways to College

Pathways to College is an afterschool program that provides students with the information, guidance and support needed to become the best high school students, college applicants and college students they can be.

This year's program will include all comprehensive high schools in Newark to offer an afterschool program that helps high-potential students of color develop the critical thinking skills and habits of mind to make achieving a college education an attainable goal. Pathways selects high school scholars on the basis of potential rather than proven performance.

“Pathways to College recognized very early on the critical need to make the comprehensive high schools competitive with the magnets and charters,” said Newark Public Schools District Superintendent Roger León. “Given the results that Pathways to College has shown it can achieve, I am confident that expanding this program’s reach will help the Newark Board of Education make a significant shift to a district that is also measured by real outcomes - how our students actually perform with respect to college and early career achievement.”

To date, Newark has served as the model for the partnership between Pathways to College and other districts, having made its largest commitment to the research-based program in support of the Newark Board of Education’s 10-year strategic plan.

The comprehensive high schools are Barringer Academy of S.T.E.A.M., Central, East Side, Malcolm X Shabazz, Weequahic and West Side. Students in these schools are welcome to apply through Oct. 1.

Over the years, Pathways has prepared more than 3,300 Newark Public Schools students for college success. Last year, the program's Newark graduates maintained the organization’s historic record of 100% college acceptance, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“At Pathways, we find and nurture the inherent talents, skills and brilliance of children of color, including many students who have never been recognized for their ability to contribute to society,” said Judith Berry Griffin, founder and president of Pathways to College. “Expanding our program in Newark’s comprehensive high schools reflects this administration’s commitment to college readiness to students who have been marginalized for generations yet remain hopeful.”

The School-Based Scholars Program will meet twice weekly after school at each school for a minimum of four hours with leadership from highly effective teachers who are carefully identified and selected to promote the organization’s specific methods.

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