New pro-Baraka ad invokes Christie in Newark Mayor's race

By Max Pizarro | April 24th, 2014

With less than three weeks to go until Election Day, independent expenditures group Working Families Organization launched an ad today trying to tie Newark mayoral candidate Shavar Jeffries to the financial backers of Gov. Chris Christie’s game plan for Newark's educational system.

It’s the third in a series of sustained TV spots that will run through Election Day.

“Shavar Jeffries does not care about community input any more than Chris Christie, because he’s supported by and beholden to the same Wall Street money that’s tearing down Newark schools brick by brick,” said Rob Duffey, New Jersey Working Families Alliance, the New Jersey affiliate of Working Families.

The PAC backs Jeffries rival Ras Baraka in the May 13th mayoral eelction.

“Newark’s schools and communities are under attack by Christie and his hedge fund friends, and Newark’s working families need a mayor who will stand up and fight for them. Shavar Jeffries won’t,” said Duffey, who referred to reports showing that a Jeffries-aligned SuperPAC received $850,000 from Education Reform Now, a New York City based organization run by pro-charter, pro-privatization hedge fund managers.

The text of the Working Families ad is as follows:

"Chris Christie doesn't listen to us, and neither will Shavar Jeffries. Jeffries listens to the special interests bankrolling his campaign - the same kind backing Chris Christie. So Jeffries won't take on Chris Christie, especially when it comes to destroying our public schools. Shavar Jeffries answers to the wrong people, which means he won't listen to us."

"It’s pretty obvious why Ras Baraka and his supporters would prefer to play Six Degrees of Separation rather than discuss Baraka's record of patronage and personal drivers while skipping three budget votes as cops got laid off and murders spiked 70 percent on his watch," responded Jeffries campaign spokeswoman Lupe Todd. 

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