New Fashion, Design School Officially Welcomed to Newark

“NSFD represents a unique opportunity to bring the best of the best in design education to Newark Public Schools high school students and to introduce them to an exceptional quality of training and resources,” said Sakina Pitts, principal of NSFD. “We are thrilled to afford our students unmatched opportunities to imagine, problem-solve, and collaborate in preparation for successful futures in the fashion and design worlds.”

The school will also work in collaboration with top programs and brands in the fashion industry such as The Misa Hylton Fashion Academy; Dirty Soles; and the world-renowned Gucci to increase students’ access to world-class design education and prepare them for careers in the field. 

"Today at NSFD, we up the ante - that it is about academic excellence, that it is about innovation, that we tap into the genius of our students and allow their greatness to shine like diamonds," said Newark Public Schools District Superintendent Roger León.

Earlier this year, students from the school’s inaugural class expanded their education of the fashion industry when they attended Misa Hylton’s Fashion Academy Jr. Fashion Camp

Students spent a week learning the fundamentals of style and personal development by Misa Hylton that contributed to helping them develop their creative style and design innovation. 

Inside the classroom, students are participating in courses in fashion drawing and history where they are learning how to understand the exploration of the body with fabrics and use a variety of design techniques. 

Other courses concentrate on fashion computer arts by incorporating foundational knowledge and hands-on experience that comes with software applications commonly used by designers and textile artists in the industry.

By partnering with Parsons, officials said the collective effort will “broaden access” to art and design education for communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in creative disciplines. As part of the program, there will also be increased access and opportunity for students in the college application and career development process. 

Through the program, students are planned to learn how to develop their portfolio for college applications, attend admission sessions at Parsons and gain exposure to possible career pathways. 

Further extensions of the program include opportunities for industry partnerships at the school, opportunities for students to attend Parsons events on campus in New York City and specialized workshop opportunities for faculty and staff. 

“Inspired by the transformative potential of design education for over a century, Parsons is dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of designers truly reflects our society,” said Rachel Schreiber, executive dean of Parsons School of Design. “At NSFD, tomorrow’s creative leaders will engage in real-world learning. They will develop as critical thinkers and change-makers capable of addressing the most urgent issues of our time, and prepared to contribute to the world of fashion deeply informed by equity, inclusion, and social justice.”

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