Mayor Rescinds $2,500 Police Overtime Bill Sent To Teen Bergen County BLM Protest Organizer


Englewood Daily Voice

Englewood Cliffs Mayor Mario Kranjac


The Englewood Cliffs mayor rescinded a $2,500 invoice sent to an 18-year-old resident for overtime police work at a Black Lives Matter rally she organized, just one day after making national headlines.

"I have researched the issue further with my own counsel and I am hereby rescinding the bill," Mayor Mario Kranjac told, "subject to our Council’s ratification of my action."

Emily Gil notified authorities ahead of her July 25 rally outside of the borough's municipal building but denied local officials' requests for a meeting over COVID-19 fears, initially reported.

Days after the rally attended by approximately 35 people, the young activist received a bill in the mail for $2,499.26 invoice to cover security presence.

Gil, however, refused to meet with officials ahead of the protest, and was sent a letter from officials enclosed with the bill.

“Your lack of notification left the borough with little time to prepare for your protest so that the police department and department of public works could ensure that everyone would be safe,” the letter says.

Gil -- who recently graduated from Bergen County Technical School -- suggested a Zoom meeting, but borough officials reportedly declined.

Approximately 35 people attended Gil's rally, who picked up their own trash and did not cause a disturbance, reports said.

Kranjac told Gil he was informed private events requiring police overtime should be paid by organizers, reports.

“It was never intended as a fine," the mayor said, "but rather as a fee."


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