Kevin Taylor Takes E.O. Mayoral Fight to Montclair


The East Orange Campus High School football team lost a hard-fought contest to out-of-town rival, Montclair, last Saturday. Write-in mayoral candidate, Kevin Taylor, wanted to make sure that the residents of Essex County’s second largest city knew that he embodied that same spirit, drive and fight, as campaign staffers traveled to the game to hand out information cards.

Taylor sought to remind (and for some, inform for the first time) E.O. residents that he is still a candidate for the City’s top job. The young Jaguars were a tough, scrappy bunch who never quit on themselves or the school and competed until the very end. That is how Taylor sees it. That is also where he says the parallels to his campaign and the mayoral race end.

The June 4 Democratic primary resulted in Kevin Taylor placing second to former Long Branch resident, Lester Taylor. In a city where there are an infinitesimal number of registered Republicans, the candidate on the Democratic ticket almost always wins the general election in November. Taylor – Kevin, that is – wants people to know that just because he isn’t on the Democratic ticket, he is still running for mayor. The voters may opt for him as a write-in candidate when they go to the polls on Tuesday, November 5.

Taylor – Kevin – believes that the Democratic Party brought in a doppelganger to confuse the electorate.  Taylor, Lester, originally hailed from Long Branch, NJ before moving to East Orange less than four years ago.

“I’m from here but more importantly, I’ve made significant contributions to this town in terms of business and civic participation. I’ve started mentoring programs and development projects that have spurred East Orange forward for years. My roots and accomplishments in East Orange are unimpeachable,” Taylor, Kevin, said.

“I don’t compromise my values or ideals and I can’t be bought, so the powers-that-be brought in a candidate whose only track record is that his name is the same as mine. That and other campaign shenanigans was their rather dubious strategy to confuse the voters and make a mockery of the process. But I am confident that the people won’t be fooled or bullied in the end.”

Taylor, Kevin, believes that his is a true people’s campaign. He believes it is high time that the days of Party bosses and political machines dictating to the people are over.  However, if the joke is going to be on them, the punch line will have to be written-in by the voters on Tuesday, November 5th 2013.

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