Janice Morrell Denies Involvement In Campaign Literature War In Orange

*** Press Release ***

For Immediate Release: April 1, 2016
Contact: Janice Morrell (973) 380-8958
Campaign Team Leader Michael Vieira (973) 489-5090


Jan Morrell Denies Any Involvement with Literature of Councilwoman Donna Williams Sleeping on the job

Jan Morrell for Mayor of the City of Orange Township along with TEAM MORRELL denounce any involvement with creating or distributing the literature that surfaced today headlining Councilwoman Donna Williams Sleeping on the job! Furthermore, the picture used on that literature is not Jan’s current campaign picture, nor is she using her full name during this campaign cycle and her correct ballot position is 2A. All of Jan and Team Morrell’s current literature reflects a different picture of her and her name as Jan Morrell. Lastly, Jan Morrell is an educator and would never have released a piece that grammatically poor.

In addition, the picture of the sleeping cop is the same one used in the YouTube video Kerry Coley a Bad Cop released by American Future Leaders which has already been linked to Mayor Dwayne Warren in an article last week in an online publication Capital New York. The article which can be read in full states “When it was first founded, American Future Leaders listed as its chairman Willis Edwards III, a former Democratic assemblyman whom Warren had appointed the city’s deputy business administrator. The mayor’s campaign account had paid Edwards a $1,000 reimbursement for campaign expenses on July 1.” Furthermore, the article states The PAC even shares a post office box with Warren’s campaign account. http://www.capitalnewyork.com/…/pac-ties-mayor-adds-fuel-na….

It appears that while Mayor Dwayne Warren is sending out letters to residents lying as usual by stating “That's why I have directed my campaign and others interested in supporting my re-election to focus only on the issues and credentials of the candidates seeking to lead our City. I ask that all candidates be held accountable for the content of messages created and distributed by their campaigns or surrogates.” He is the one responsible for this and many other negative pieces in this election. Mayor Warren is continuing with propaganda instead of being the “honest leadership we can trust” that he promised the residents of Orange.

Residents can rest assured that all of my pieces will be based in truth and I will take full credit for what my campaign team creates and distributes!

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