Gov. Whitman and Mayor Baraka: 3 ways to ensure clean drinking water remains a priority

Updated May 01, 2017
Posted May 01, 2017

As a former governor and administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and as a mayor of New Jersey's largest city, respectively, we are worried about water. We know that prosperous, healthy communities depend on modern, reliable water systems.

But too often they are grappling with the problems of old water infrastructure -- problems like the amount of water that leaks out of pipes before it reaches the tap, and the persistent, dangerous presence of lead in older buildings' pipes and fixtures.

Fortunately, New Jersey's Joint Legislative Task force on Drinking Water Infrastructure has been addressing this issue.

On May 5 it will hold its final in a series of public hearings into the state of the state's water systems. This hearing will focus on solutions. The task force report, including recommendations, is due out sometime later this summer or fall.

If we could be permitted to give the members of the task force some advice, we'd suggest three key areas on which to focus their recommendations.

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