Gov. Christie Leaves Gun Controls Behind in New Jersey

Even the National Rifle Association says it is not opposed to smart guns in principle. However, like the gun industry it defends, the gun lobby has done nothing to advance ideas that are showing promise, including electronic and pistol-grip systems of owner-only activation.

It’s regrettable to see Mr. Christie’s reversals as he woos the pro-gun vote, insisting he has simply “grown up a bit.” He has renounced his past endorsement of strong state gun laws and wants to make it easier for residents to carry concealed weapons. As the presidential race approached, he vetoed a ban on the high-capacity ammunition magazines often used in the deadliest gun sprees.

If he really wanted to stand out at the Republican candidates forum on Thursday, Mr. Christie could advance the topic of smart guns as one way to ease the nation’s gun mayhem. But of course that would start an actual debate among Republicans trying to duck the gun issue entirely.

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