East Orange Write-In Mayoral Candidate Kevin Taylor to Rally Residents on Steps of City Hall to Explain Process Over 200 residents expected to be in attendance

East Orange, NJ (October 2, 2013) Kevin Taylor believes the wool was pulled over the eyes of the East Orange voters prior to the Democratic primary last June and he is determined to rectify the situation.

“A Democratic party, bereft of ideas and any plan on bringing prosperity to the residents of East Orange played the only card available to them during the primary: they traded on my name.” 

Taylor said that the Democratic political machine and party bosses who don’t even live in the city propped up another outsider, erstwhile Long Branch resident, Lester Taylor, to run for the city’s highest office. “No one in East Orange had ever heard of him four months prior to the election. He has no track record. His fingerprints are on nothing in terms of progress, development or success within East Orange…or outside of East Orange. The only thing he possessed was my last name, and the powerbrokers sufficiently confused many of the voters into casting a ballot for the Taylor who was on the party line,” Kevin said.

“I am running as a write-in Candidate because the people demanded it. I have had literally hundreds of people come up to me and say they thought they had cast a vote for me, the Taylor they knew. Come November 5th we’re going to right that wrong, and tomorrow at City Hall, we’re going to show them how.”

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