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By Star-Ledger Editorial Board
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on January 10, 2016

Oh, what a tangled web he weaves.


Did you know that Chris Christie is a former federal prosecutor? He may have mentioned this.
He believes that his time in that job qualifies him for all kinds of presidential pursuits, like fighting global terrorism.

More recently, though, Christie used his experience as a federal prosecutor to explain away a flip-flop. It backfired, thanks to a Washington Post fact-checker.

The topic at hand was gun control.

Back in 2009, after serving as New Jersey's chief federal law enforcement officer until 2008, Christie said his experience as a prosecutor made him see the importance of gun control.

But now, he says that very same experience taught him that gun control is useless.
That isn't just a simple, honest evolution in his thinking. This is Christie, changing his story about what he learned as a federal prosecutor. Add it to his list of whoppers, which only continues to grow.

It's not even the first time Christie has lied about gun control. In June in South Carolina, he said no new gun control laws have been passed since he's been governor. Not true. Christie signed several, including one to ban those on the terrorism watch list from buying guns.
Even if you argue that perhaps Christie no longer remembers exactly what he learned as a federal prosecutor, it raises an even bigger question: Then why should we believe that this qualifies him to be president?

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