Chris Christie Teases New Jersey News Media With Profanity, Jokes and Taunts (for Charity)

It seemed to crystallize his mounting and, until now, politely expressed resentments toward the local news media that has most closely and aggressively covered his governorship and his political decline over the last year. His speech was supposed to be off the record. But it was surreptitiously recorded and obtained by International Business Times, which published it online Thursday.

The governor appeared on stage after a series of biting skits, performed by reporters, that mocked Mr. Christie for his administration’s role in closing lanes to the George Washington Bridge, his sagging poll numbers in New Jersey and his long odds in the 2016 presidential race.

A sample number: “Nacho Man,” a reference to Mr. Christie’s appetite, sung to the tune of “Macho Man,” and “I’m So Indicted,” an allusion to criminal charges in the bridge case, to the tune of “I’m So Excited.”

Mr. Christie swore, gratuitously and enthusiastically, at least nine times in his speech, rendering many one-liners unprintable in this publication.

At one point, Mr. Christie joked that he was not the “heartless bastard I was portrayed as tonight,” according to the audio recording from the International Business Times.

Mr. Christie told the crowd of reporters that he would by no means return to the dinner in 2016, no matter how badly he was doing in the presidential campaign.

“Anything that gets me off this stage next year,” he said, deploying a curse to describe the stage. “I’m willing to do anything.”

He added: “Why do you think I might run for president?”

He repeatedly told the group that he did not give a darn — about them or the show — but used a more colorful expression.

Recalling an accident that involved one reporter en route to the show, he asked: “Why wasn’t the car bigger and why weren’t YOU in it?”

The crowd of about 300, which included not just journalists but lawmakers, lobbyists operatives and aides, laughed at times and at other times jeered during the governor’s 17-minute speech.

A spokesman for Mr. Christie, Kevin Roberts, described the speech as entirely in line with the spirit and history of the show, which doubles as a charity event. A reporter for The New York Times attended.

“All of the songs and acts of the night, including the governor’s obvious parody of himself, were in jest,” Mr. Roberts said.

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