Chris Christie is lying again, this time about Star-Ledger | Moran

By Tom Moran | Star-Ledger Editorial Board
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on March 03, 2016

TRENTON - Thursday, March 3, 2016 NJ Governor Chris Christie holds second Statehouse news conference of the week, defends Trump endorsement, says he's 'back to work' in N.J.


Gov. Chris Christie is lying again, this time about The Star-Ledger, in response to our call for him to resign from office. Why are we not surprised?

The governor claimed at a rare press conference that The Star-Ledger has "never supported me, my policies, or my existence" so he was not surprised by our call for him to resign. We are blind fanatics, you see.

Let's look at the facts, none of which is in dispute.

We endorsed him for re-election in 2013. Before that, we supported his landmark pension and health reform in 2011, and we are on his side opposing the Constitutional amendment on pensions this year. We supported the cap on property taxes. We supported his reform of the rules governing union negotiations.

We supported tenure reform. We supported his expansion of charter schools. We supported the reorganization of higher education, and the bump of Rutgers University into the Big Ten. We supported the bond act to help finance higher education construction projects. We supported his Constitutional amendment on bail reform.

We even support him on some of his efforts that have failed. We backed his plan to offer vouchers for private school tuition in failing districts. We support his efforts to limit payments for unused sick time.

This list goes on. And what it proves is that we have no problem supporting the governor. It's not personal.

I know this because I wrote many of these editorials. And you know this, governor, because we spoke personally about most of this.

So, please, governor. Stop telling self-serving lies. That's a habit of yours. And it's one reason no one trusts you anymore.

And yes, like everyone in New Jersey, we disagree with you a lot as well. It's case by case.

We don't support your cancellation of a new Hudson River tunnel, or your neglect of our decaying transportation infrastructure, even now. We don't support your abandonment of affordable housing efforts, your opposition to gay marriage, your veto of a modest hike in the minimum wage, your big tax breaks for businesses in a time of fiscal crisis. We don't support your demonization of public workers as greedy when they claim promised benefits.

We don't support your broken promise that demolished your pension reform. We don't support shutting down Planned Parenthood clinics. We don't support your call for big tax cuts for the wealthiest families in the state. We don't support your horrid record on the environment, top to bottom.

We were appalled by your administration's behavior during the Bridgegate scandal, and remain infuriated that you spent $10 million in taxpayer funds for a cover up done by your political allies and personal friends. We don't support your routine refusal to reveal public records.

We based our call for your resignation on two things: One, you have disengaged in your second term. Business and political leaders constantly complain to us that they can't get through to you or your deputies. You were gone 72 percent of the days, all or in part, during 2015. The state is in crisis, and you've been AWOL.

And two, you've lost all credibility.

Your constant flip flops, the effort to pose as a Tea Party conservative, was appalling and your endorsement of Donald Trump was worse. It's phony and self-serving. And it diminishes your clout.

So, fine, governor. You can disagree with us on any of this. But when you say we never supported you, that is plainly untrue, and you know it. We are not surprised by that. You've made lying a habit.

If you want to rebuild your reputation in New Jersey, where your popularity has collapsed, you might start by breaking that habit.

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