Developing a More Effective Approach to Fighting Crime

Two important facts about East Orange cannot be ignored. One: Crime is strangling the city. Two: Virtually no resident of the city feels secure at home, in the street, or even at work.

And one additional fact also stands out: The current approach to dealing with crime in East Orange is an utter failure.

Kevin Taylor, a write-in candidate for Mayor of East Orange, believes that the residents of East Orange deserve better and have a right to a much higher level of public safety. In addition, he feels that East Orange officials have a duty to provide citizens with a safe and secure environment.

Kevin Taylor, who narrowly lost the Democratic nomination for Mayor in a primary in which his opponents mischievously ran another candidate with the same last name in an effort to confuse voters, understands that East Orange’s present approach to public safety is deeply flawed. According to Taylor, East Orange follows a policing policy that stresses numbers over results. However, the sheer number of arrests does not correspond to an increase in public safety or a even a drop in crime. Moreover, the policy is also highly demoralizing to the police officers who are responsible for carrying it out. 

Kevin Taylor has a better approach. He would implement policies designed to make the city safer, reduce crime, improve police morale, and raise public awareness of the need for all residents to play a role in making East Orange a better city. Taylor would:

  • Return police officers to walking beats. This proven approach to deterring crime not only works but enables the officers to become familiar with and trusted in the city’s neighborhoods.
  • Develop partnerships between the Police Department and city residents and businesses. A shared approach to dealing with crime will enable both private and public resources to be used more effectively.
  • Open neighborhood police substations. A reliable police presence promotes trust and reinforces a sense of neighborhood security.
  • Encourage community policing. Residents have a responsibility to clean up neighborhoods and create conditions that deter both crimes and criminals.

All of the changes Taylor (Kevin Taylor) wants to implement are practical and effective. He believes strongly that as Mayor he can carry out these useful changes.

Kevin Taylor is a successful and innovative businessman in East Orange with a record of developing new businesses, creating a spirit of teamwork, building consensus, and overcoming obstacles. One of the skills he continually stresses is the need to listen carefully and create a sense of shared commitment and responsibility with all stakeholders. It is these skills, he believes, that will enable him to convince not only the police officers of East Orange but also the residents that his plan can work. All he needs, he says, is the chance. And for that, he must win the upcoming election.

Kevin Taylor knows that the odds do not favor a write-in candidate, but he is confident that he can get his message out and convince people that not all Taylors are created equal. Kevin Taylor wants to make East Orange a better and safer city. “The existing political forces are trying to stop progress in East Orange by cynically manipulating the political process. I think the voters are better than that,” says Kevin Taylor.

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