Broker Firm Offers Rent-Free Space to Newark Businesses for Limited Time

NEWARK, NJ — Rent-free commercial space on Spring Street is up for grabs to Newark’s small business owners trying to stay afloat in the pandemic. 

Aimed to provide assistance to Brick City’s small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Striker Apartment Leasing announced on Wednesday that they are currently offering three months of rent-free commercial space on 2 Spring St. to businesses who might be susceptible to downsizing during the current economic climate. 

“Striker is willing to work out deals for those in need,” said Michelle Streicher, broker of record at Striker Leasing. "We know small businesses are hurting right now, so we're willing to accommodate for the right tenants that are experiencing COVID-induced hiccups. We need those businesses in our communities and we have their back.”

The mixed-use Spring Street location currently holds an 84-unit residential apartment building with commercial units and includes three ground-floor spaces. Given the building’s recent construction, which was completed earlier this year, it provides an opportunity for local business owners to easily transition into the space. 

Upon the building’s opening launch this year, Streicher said she noticed a need for the area’s local business owners trying to maintain operations during the pandemic. Having a mixed-use building with more than 80 residential units, the broker highlighted that the building’s mixed-use gave the ground floor’s commercial space a “built-in clientele.” 

“I spoke with the [building’s] owners and said how about we do something that - instead of just renting it regularly - there are people who are hurting, so why not support local businesses and give them an incentive to get on their feet,” the broker said. 

Following Streicher’s suggestion, the owners agreed to it. 

Prior to the firm’s offer on these commercial spaces, she noted that this type of incentive for small business owners was something the company hadn’t provided before. 

Wanting to reach out to Newark’s local business owners, the broker highlighted a sense of community and offering assistance like this can help the city dig its way out of turbulent times associated with the pandemic. 

“This is the first time in doing something like this, but we all know people in different businesses who have suffered,” she said. “I think it really is beneficial for everybody - when people help each other - to work together until we can get back up.

“We don’t live on an island. That’s something I really learned from this [pandemic]. We really need to be there for other people, and it works better when everyone is out there giving a hand when they need it...You need a little bit of help sometimes," she added. 

Small business owners in Newark either interested in or seeking more information about these commercial spaces can contact Striker Leasing via phone 551-295-0765 or email [email protected].

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