Appellate Relief Sought for West Orange Voters

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After allegations surfaced late last week that West Orange mayor Robert D. Parisi submitted fraudulent petitions, the Hawkins campaign sought emergency relief to ensure that voters rights were protected. When asked what the preferred outcome would be, Hawkins’ Campaign Manager, Neil Cohen said, “we’re hoping that the petitions be reviewed, thrown out or authenticated.  The voters deserve to know the truth about their candidates and who their candidates are, as soon as possible.” 

Hawkins’ Attorneys filed an “Application For Permission To File Emergent Motion” on September 15th, hoping to expedite a hearing on the matter. However, today, the Appellate Division felt the application “did not concern a genuine emergency necessary to be dealt with on short notice”. Counsel was advised that a motion could be filed with the appellate clerk in the ordinary course.

“West Orange voters should have a choice of candidates that have legitimately qualified to be on the ballot.  The people have a right to know the truth no matter what it is”, stated Cohen.  He continued by saying, “Papers will be filed with the courts and we will go through the process.  Of course Robert Parisi could avoid spending any additional taxpayer money if he would simply provide the necessary documentation authenticating his petitions.  If he won’t, one has to ask why!” 

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