Press conference turns violent on the steps of Newark's City Hall


Tensions rose today on the steps of Newark’s City Hall as Abdul Muhammad, spokesperson for New Jersey Commission on Violence attempted to hold a peaceful press conference amid a host of news organizations, concerned citizens and nearly 20 boisterous Baraka staff members. According to Mohammad, the press conference was aimed at bringing attention to the increased level of shootings and homicides in Newark. Muhammad said his goal was to rally the community to speak out and hold Newark’s elected officials accountable for not doing more to stem the tide. 

As Muhammad was delivering his message to onlookers he was interrupted by Donna Jackson, a known community activists who herself called the administration to task in her own press conference back in July. Heated words were exchanged and Abdul Muhammed was grabbed around the neck and thrown to the ground by two men. 

Neither Baraka or any council member attended today’s press conference.  The last press conference held by Mayor Baraka was in July after the Newark experienced a spree of shootings and murders. During that press conference Baraka vowed to take back the streets from the criminals. Since then; shootings, murders and carjackings have continued to plague Newark and the Baraka administration. 

Click here to listen to the activists as they describe in their own words what occurred.

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commented 2015-12-30 13:08:01 -0800
What is going on in Newark, that’s crazy! Smh