An Open Letter to All Candidates Running in the May 10, 2016 Orange Township Mayoral Election

Earlier today Dwayne D. Warren—Mayor of the Township of Orange issued an open letter to Janice Morrell and Kerry Coley as he made an appeal for all involved to take the high road for the remainder of this campaign season. 

In recent weeks, residents of Orange have been inundated with a mound of negative campaigning. Everything from postcards accusing the Mayor of being a Republican and chiding him for Governor Christie's visit to Orange, claims that there is a political conspiracy underway to privatize the Township's water, and even videos depicting Councilman Kerry Coley as a "Bad Cop" .

So far however, one candidate has managed to stay clear of this barrage. Last week Janice Morrell issued a press release which made clear to all that she has had no involvement in any of these Mayoral Candidate shenanigans.

The election date for the Mayoral contest in Orange is May 10th. Let's see if there can be a truce until then.


Dear Candidates,

The demands of running a city require more then a desire to serve but the ability to lead. As Mayor of this great City we call home, I'm respectfully asking each candidate to join me in signing a pledge to conduct a clean campaign for the remaining weeks.  
While walking door to door, I have listened to residents' concerns and agree with many of them - that this should be an election about candidate's experience, credentials and qualifications.  So, I have instructed my team and those that have expressed an interest in Orange to join me in showing our children that we can agree to disagree, respectfully.

Your acceptance of the following pledge goes a long way toward having a civil discussion about issues and candidate abilities.


Mayor Dwayne Warren, Esq.
City of Orange Township

The Orange Municipal Election 

Clean Campaign Pledge of 2016

As a candidate for Mayor of the Orange Township or Orange Municipal Council in 2016:

I PLEDGE to conduct my campaign accurately and honestly, to discuss the issues and participate in fair public debate with respect to my views and qualifications.

I PLEDGE not to engage in, permit, or condone personal attacks upon the character of my opponent(s) or engage in invasions of personal privacy unrelated to campaign issues.

I PLEDGE to approve all materials released concerning my campaign.

I PLEDGE not to use or permit the use of any campaign material or advertisement which uses quotations or images taken out of context and to misrepresent the other candidate or other candidate's message.

I PLEDGE not to disseminate any campaign material or message in which I am not prominently identified.

I PLEDGE to publicly repudiate any campaign material or advertisement of any individual or group who engages in activities of my campaign which violate the Clean Campaign Pledge of 2016.

I, the undersigned, understand that by signing this pledge, I assume personal control and responsibility for the conduct of my campaign.

Signature: ______________________________

Printed Name: ___________________________

Office Sought: ___________________________

Date: __________________________________
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He should show up to work and City Council meetings