“The REC”: A New Community Center Rises in Orange


Amid the fanfare of the REC Center Block Party, held this Saturday, there is a sense in the crowd of Orange having turned the corner. Beneath the overcast skies the mood was sunny among the 200 residents and invited guests at the groundbreaking ceremony to launch the multi-purpose recreational, educational and cultural center.

The Block Party at 395 Mail Street to celebrate the New Orange Recreation Center was attended by scores of well wishers who came to witness the beginning of a new chapter in the public life of The City of Orange Township. 

The birth of this facility was long in coming, and not without challenges. Despite well-attended public rallies at City Hall chambers, there was still foot-dragging among some City Council members. 

Despite these roadblocks, Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq. was able to navigate the political hurdles to deliver a $2.5 million dollar grant to pay for renovations, keeping a promise made during his 2012 bid for office: a multipurpose community center for residents of all ages.

The groundbreaking ceremony heralds the creation of a community hub for those seeking new job skills, fitness, social services or a place to meet. 

The REC Center is here.

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commented 2016-05-08 10:38:24 -0700
I’ve been following social media in Orange, New Jersey and decided to join in on the conversation because I have come across some information that I’m very concerned about. I work in a profession that protects children. So I was shocked when I discovered that City of Orange Township has a contract with Savannah Rose Cleaning which is owned and/or operated by Dwayne Archibald who is a two time convicted child molester. And the contract is for janitorial services at the #‎OrangeNJPublicLibrary. Doesn’t the Orange, New Jersey Administration have an obligation to do BACKGROUND CHECKS??? Why would they put a known predator in the #OrangeNJPublicLibrary with kids?