Why not?

By Carl Sharif:
When it comes to the subject of education reform, there is much to study, analyze and understand. But my tired aged mind yearns, on occasion, for simplicity so we raise the following question: Why can"t we simply demand discipline and decorum from all staff and students in every school. And why can't this proposition be fully supported by parents and other members of the community? This requirement does not establish a bar higher than any community member can meet if he or she so chooses and it would create a foundation of order upon which we can build. Why not eliminate chaos by unyielding policy and create a civil point of departure for a journey that we can chart and navigate together. Why not?

And before we allow all the possible profound psychological abstractions to become obstructions in search of validation let me assert the following: I have been inside of many courtrooms and witnessed young people, who would otherwise terrorize their environments with total disruption, sit even more quietly than proverbial church mice. So my simple mind reasons that they clearly understood the expectations of that venue and the potential consequences of non-compliance. I humbly submit, therefore, that sometime poor conduct is a function of mal-intention and not misunderstanding. How about the community absolutely insisting upon discipline and decorum. Let's demand an environment in which learning can take place unimpeded by disruptive behavior.

Members of the community often suggest we are ready to take on complex curriculum and organization issues. And we might well be competent to follow through. Our view is that it would be impressive if we could significantly contribute to stabilizing the learning environment so that teaching and learning are maximally possible. This would be the "village" in action.

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commented 2014-01-05 13:04:00 -0800
Lastly Mark, I stand by my classroom – courtroom analogy. I saw it. But for your comfort, since you chose to ignore the point, let’s swap out school for church. The analogy holds.
commented 2014-01-05 12:40:53 -0800
Mark, my friend. Why would that students were criminal because they were in a courtroom. They were not. They were eight graders on a school trip being escorted by their teacher to observe an aspect of the judicial system. What is it in your conscious or subconscious that caused you to leap to such a negative conclusion? Perhaps it was my in articulation!
commented 2014-01-04 22:12:44 -0800
Ya, we need zero tolerance and discipline. Joe Clark style. Oh wait, zero tolerance doesn’t work. What now? Guess we could try fully resourced schools with creative and engaging curriculum. But that would require funds and an engaged and empowered community, which is impossible to come by when your education leaders are outsiders appointed by the Governor.

Thanks Carl for regurgitating tired old non-solutions. Love the classrooms=courtrooms, students=criminals analogy with threat of prison for non-compliance. That’s some seriously backwards sh!t.
followed this page 2014-01-04 22:05:44 -0800