Teachers Village A Shining Development For Newark & New Jersey

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 15:04 dhireh shah


After five years, a dream came true to build a true 21st century environment for the schools. There are three charter schools that will be in the Teachers Village, and the best part of it is that the tutors can live in the same building in a safe environment.

Three students who attended the three different charter schools in the building - TEAM Academy, Discover Charter School, Great Oaks Charter School - talked about their experience at the new building, and their respective schools - and received a round of applause.

Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson said, "Some schools has great results, and it's my job is to get the same as anywhere and everywhere tomorrow, because our young people cannot wait...This is a civil rights issue. One Newark is a simple promise, but difficult to deliver."

Newark Mayor Cory Booker said, "We all say our national anthem so often, but we should stop and think about how it starts, where we can see our vision, can you see!...This is the season of election where everyone pick at each other, Democrats, Republicans, Urban and Suburban, developers and financiers and unions fight against each other. For me, this is wrong. The truth is, America is great when we come together."

He added that Newark has only 3% of the population in the state of New Jersey. Nearly 30% of improvement projects are done in Newark, creating 400 construction jobs and 400 permanent jobs, and bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city. He also said, "We have creating an urban center worthy of the state."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said, "It's a great place, and it's for education of our children. This is what I think we are here to celebrate. In politics, it's easy to find a place to divide us, scream at each other, but much harder for people to stand up and say what matters most, and what people elected us for and getting something done. This is one that we can work with each other."

Many financial and work partners made this project possible. That includes but not limited to Prudential, Urban Investment Group at Golden Sachs, the Newark City Council, Brick City Development Corp., Mayor Booker's Deputy Mayor Stefan Pryor and Adam Zipkin, Union and many other supporters.

The total project was $150 million, and there will be 200 apartments with priority for teachers to reside, the three charter schools, a gym and other retail spaces. Top charter schools in the city will lead the change and future of all the schools, as Superintendent Anderson is dreaming about.

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