Shavar Jeffries Calls For End To Vandalism And Intimidation

Attachement: O.N.E. pledge for a clean campaign


Said Jeffries: "As candidates, there are many things that we disagree about; that's what makes us opponents in this campaign for mayor. But it does not make us enemies. Despite our spirited dialogue and discourse, we truly are O.N.E.: Opponents, Not Enemies."   

October 28, 2013 - Newark, NJ - Citing increased incidents of vandalism, attempts at intimidation and more, former assistant attorney general and candidate for mayor, Shavar Jeffries today called for a dignified campaign and has invited other candidates for mayor to sign a pledge for rules of engagement and civil community discourse.

"My campaign will sign a public pledge not to be involved in acts of vandalism and violence," said Jeffries. "I will not tolerate such acts from anyone associated with my campaign, and appeal to all of my supporters to remain civil and dignified as well. I am asking Councilmen Baraka, Ramos, Sharif, and any others that might enter this race to join me in signing and honoring this pledge. I am also recommending that community, religious and business leaders work together to monitor the behavior of each campaign. Collectively, we have a responsibility to hold each other accountable. If Newark's leaders from all sectors insist on a clean campaign, we will have one."

Already, there have been reports that campaign signs, banners and other outdoor advertisements are being vandalized daily. Even public bus shelters have been scratched and defaced. Unfortunately, this tactic has been a way of life in Newark politics for too long.

"Vandalism and intimidation at any level is wrong," said Jeffries. "When leaders and public servants do it, our children and youth think it is acceptable for them to emulate. Today, I am calling upon my opponents not to behave like enemies. Let us exemplify leadership as we campaign to be the next leader of our city.

"As candidates, there are many things that we disagree about; that's what makes us opponents in this contest for mayor. But it does not make us enemies. If we conduct clean campaigns we can set a positive example for our entire community. Disagreement is no reason to attack an opponent's person, property or supporters. It is no reason for vandalism, violence or character assassination."

Jeffries notes that Newark voters deserve a clean campaign vigorously fought on the issues and not on the street. Unfortunately, some campaigns are being operated in an effort to bully and obstruct the opposition.

Each candidate will be given a copy of the pledge, and Jeffries hopes that each will sign and make the signed document and agreement available publicly.

Shavar Jeffries served as Assistant Attorney General and Counsel to New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram. In his role as the department's third most senior official, Shavar was part of the leadership team that implemented the Attorney General's state crime plan. Shavar oversaw the team that, among other successes, produced a 26% reduction in recidivism for ex-offenders, doubled the graduation rate for juvenile offenders and reduced violent crime throughout the state for three years in a row.

Jeffries also served as president of the Newark Public Schools Advisory Board.

A fifth-generation Newarker, Jeffries was raised and currently resides in the South Ward with his family.   

Attachement: O.N.E. pledge for a clean campaign

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