Reflection is required for growth and learning

I know ppl don't wanna hear it but I was just thinking, a couple of months ago when I was getting on ppl who defend gang violence, there was many ppl on the thread debating me on this stance. 

Then there were ppl watching & following who said nothing. 

Kinda ironic how now these same ppl see Zimmerman as a bad guy.

My point is simply that reflection is required for growth & learning! Your 20 yr old philosophies shouldn't be your 40 year old philosophies. 

Stop trying to fit in, be cool, sag your pants, get surgeries so that you can fit in: YOU DON'T!!! YOU'RE A PARENT/ADULT!!! Some of you honestly shouldn't even be given kids/young ppl advice b/c your mind ain't right! 

The night ppl got on my thread defending that lifestyle gave others the impetus to use that same rationale against us. 

1. If you huddle ur kids around u to watch the BET Awards but didn't mk them watch the court proceedings or the president speak on it.....

2. If your kids can recite whole dialogue from Kat Williams, Friday or Rap Songs, but can't name 5 freedom fighters without saying MLK or MXS

3. If your kids can name more celebrities than ppl who contributed to the progression of our ppl....

4. If you take your kids skating more than to Barnes & Nobles....

5. Do your children know what entrepreneurialism is? 

6. Do you give them more advice about relationships than becoming financially independent? 

5. If you reading this and you mad right now (lol)....

Reflect...Mk some changes... 
I'm just saying, real change has to start in the home & real dialogue, reflection & google is a great place to begin!

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