OPINION: Newark Neglects to Enforce Sign Laws, City Thumbs Nose at Thousands of Dollars in Revenue

A Concerned Newarker/March 14, 2014

NEWARK –It's been five days since Neighborhood Services Director, Amos Crudup issued an ultimatum for political campaigns to remove their signs from light posts, poles and building walls. A short walk through any ward, down many if not most streets indicate that compliance is minimal, if at all. According to the director, such transgressions will not go unpunished. Crudup was quoted in a recent Star Ledger article as saying, “All costs incurred by the city to remove the signs will be assessed to you.”

 By conservative estimates, the city is forgoing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue this week alone. According to the ordinance, fines will be levied at $100 per offense, per day. So, let's say there are 500 signs in any given ward. Last Wednesday would represent 5 days from Crudup's ultimatum, which is 500 x 5 x 100= $25,000 in city revenue. That's $25,000 in the city coffers in just this past week...and the week isn't even over.

The lax code enforcement has many observers asking how a bureaucracy that claims it has little money to repair potholes; and has made parking downtown a virtual illegal endeavor with how egregiously they ticket and tow cars, does not take advantage of this ready-made revenue generating tool.

More than a few people have surmised that if rumors of a state takeover of the Newark city budget are true taxpayers can only hope that the Trenton overseers are more conscientious fiscal managers than what currently exists in City Hall.

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