Newark to delay notifications of school enrollment until next month

By Peggy McGlone/The Star-Ledger
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on April 23, 2014

Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson told parents the enrollment decisions for next year will be delayed until May 5.


NEWARK — School officials are delaying notifications sent to more than 12,000 Newark families who submitted applications to attend new schools in September because they are trying to provide some transportation to students who must leave their neighborhoods for a new school.

The district held a joint enrollment program that allowed families to choose between district or charter schools next fall. The application was due Feb. 28. District officials said they would notify families in April.

But in a letter to parents mailed Monday, Superintendent Cami Anderson said enrollment decisions that match students’ choices with schools will be mailed May 5.

“As a result of feedback from families and community members, the district is working to identify transportation options before sending match letters,” Anderson wrote. “We sincerely appreciate your patience and consideration as we explore this transportation solution.”

School spokeswoman Chanelle Figueroa said the district “has no details yet to share” about the transportation options referenced in the letter. There is no busing in Newark, and many parents said distance to schools was a major flaw in the reorganization plan.

“We are aware it is a concern for parents,” Figueroa said.

Announced in December, the One Newark school reorganization plan included a universal enrollment process that allowed parents to select up to eight options in both traditional and charter schools. More than 12,000 families submitted applications. Most were for kindergarten and ninth grades, but many students needed to apply for grades that their current schools don’t offer.

Anderson also told parents a second round of registration will open May 12 for students and families who did not participate in the first registration window that ended Feb. 28. Decisions about the second round of registrations will be mailed to families in mid- to late-July, according to the letter.

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