Newark School Budget Not as Explosive, But Fireworks Still Appear Likely

Even so, the proposed budget won’t have the impact of the one introduced last year, when Anderson introduced her “One Newark” reorganization plan and an unprecedented shuffling of the district’s schools.

“There are no changes in the portfolio (of schools),” said Gabrielle Wyatt, district’s director of strategy, in an interview yesterday.

The budget proposal also comes with at least some acquiescence -- if not support – from the local advisory board, which for the first time since the state’s takeover in 1994 has regained some limited fiscal controls. Anderson has been meeting with the board’s finance committee since early February.

Still, Anderson’s relations with the board and at least some sectors of the public remain tense – Anderson did not attend the board’s public session last night where the budget was discussed.

“I am strongly disappointed that the superintendent is not attending,” said board president Rashon Hasan before the meeting. “Every meeting is important, but the budget especially is there to be supporting the superintendent’s vision. She should be here.”

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