OPINION: Do For Self!

Public Safety


Public safety is usually defined as the government's ability to provide protection against injury harm, or loss. As Africans born in America our introduction to this country undeniably is welded to the phenomena known as Middle Passage. Viewed as property, Africans in America are considered inferior, uneducable, deprived, disadvantaged and a liability to the economy and public good.

Public safety when viewed as a substantial component of the triad of power constructs in America falls under the umbrage of control of force and violence. The other components are (1) Control of the minds, and (2) Control of goods and services. How are Africans in America impacted by Eurocentric interpretations of public safety? Usually public safety efforts are designed to prevent Africans from violating the perimeters considered acceptable for their habitation, limited employment, recreational, and other social and essential needs. A simple example is police interaction. voluminous documentation details police interaction with people of color in stop and frisk, detainment, and violence toward those who are considered non-white.

In moments of civil unrest, or a natural calamity like the Katrina event, private security organizations are bestowed the power to protect property at all costs, including having the right to kill '|ooters' on sight.

In essence, Public Safety is viewed as just another service provided to the privileged class or entitled European in America. The African in America would do well to follow the advice of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey or Minister Elijah Muhammad. That would be to simp|y,.."Do For Self!"

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