Charles Love, Sheila Montague, and Veronica Branch for the Newark Schools Advisory Board

Posted April 20, 2015



Tomorrow, the voters of Newark will elect three members to the Newark Schools Advisory Board. This upcoming term of the Advisory Board will be filled with challenges. Students, teachers, and parents have a stake in the election. Under the leadership of Rashon Hasan, the Advisory Board has made progress on meeting the state-mandated guidelines in a number of performance areas. If progress continues, it is possible that Newark schools may once again be able to operate under local control. But in order for that to occur, the Advisory Board must maintain its progress and retain its independence from outside interest groups.

During the campaign and in the debates the candidates have engaged in, Charles Love, Sheila Montague, and Veronica Branch have shown the experience, independence, integrity, and vision that will enable the Advisory Board to make sound decisions and continue its progress. The next few years will be crucial for Newark schools. The turmoil of the past two years has taken a toll on students, teachers, and parents. But the result is clear: Newark schools are improving. We must maintain and capitalize on that progress. Newark schools cannot afford to allow politics or outside influences to derail the gains that have been made. urges voters to elect Charles Love, Sheila Montague, and Veronica Branch on April 21.

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