Bring back the good old days!

By Phillip Battle 

Bring Back the good old days!!!!! Now lets see when was that-- oh When K. Gibson became Mayor; and diversified the city offices with all members of Newark. Or was it the time when Flamboyant-Yet very instrumental Sharp James for bring to the forefront AND IMPLEMENTING the AGENDA what is NOW TRANSITIONING into the NEW NEWARK (for those with an education that the State seems to DENY OUR CHILDREN) FOR PEOPLE TO COME WORK AND ENTERTAIN THEMSELVES. That's right UNFORTUNATELY--Newark is in trouble; the residents went to sleep and voted a wolf in sheep clothing (BOOKER) in office. 

He appeased his constituents;then ran for the hills in DC. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah-Newark is in Trouble- SIMPLY BECAUSE THE MINDSET OF THOSE WHO ARE IN A POSITION TO EDUCATE AND FORMULATE A PLAN FOR THE RESIDENTS TO BE APART OF NEWARK'S TRANSITION ARE TOO OCCUPIED WITH PLAYING THE DOZENS,AND TRYING TO SHOW ONE ANOTHER UP. The sad thing about the MENTAL ILLNESS that's being displayed; is one of the reasons the CHILDREN of NEWARK have no one to look up to. As we know their PARENTS voted for someone to show them the light of a SAFE and HEALTHY neighborhood. Who's going to take one for TEAM NEWARK?

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