A black person's life in America ain't worth a damn to many, if not most of my fellow countrymen.

By Owen Petrie

I googled, "Renisha McBride," because the story seemed so preposterous that I had to confirm it via multiple news sources. I don't know why I'm continually shocked by events like this.

People often ask me if I truly believe the sentiments I let fly out into the cyberverse. Let me state unequivocally that I absolutely stand by my ideas...and my thought for today and every other day is that a black person's life in America ain't worth a damn to many, if not most of my fellow countrymen.

Every year of my life there are multiple -- scores, if not hundreds -- of cases where police shoot unarmed black men as though they were rabid curs in the street. I watch and listen as people, almost always "conservative" and usually Republican, defend and rationalize those actions, usually at a rate of...Every. Damn. Time. It. Happens.

Now that murderous baton has passed from the police to private citizens. And in many cases, a la Trayvon Martin, and from the looks of it, Renisha McBride, the suspect alibis and cover-ups are aided and abetted by the police and local politicians.

And so, regular folks who don't think of themselves as bigoted or prejudiced cosign those actions, attitudes and behaviors by electing as their representatives people who can find no malfeasance in all those untimely deaths.

On election day, New Jersey's governor announced, "I'm not a moderate. I'm a conservative. Always have been." So, I say to every turncoat Democrat and and slave-ass black minister and politician who hitched a ride a Christie's celebrity coattails: Fuck you.

To every weak, spineless Democrat man (or woman) who turned their back on Barbara Buono, who didn't have the stones to vote their own interests, let alone the interests of women's rights: Fuck you.

And to everyone who could have voted on Tuesday but didn't: Fuck you, too. Twice.

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commented 2013-11-10 06:43:21 -0800
It is sad that America still today does not value black lives and justify their murders at every turn. It is evident when our own politicians whom we have elected do not speak up or address these lynchings. Who should we blame? I don’t think one vote can solve the problem. Society has fostered this killing of black people for centuries, even our own children, and we have been unable to keep our own children safe. As long as we continue to protect the law, turn the other cheek, and use the justice system (Unjustice system for us) we will continue on this course of disrespect, murder, and injustice in America.
commented 2013-11-09 05:03:33 -0800
Pretty sobering article. Although there are terrible things happening to people of color on a regular basis, I believe this cultural sickness in America will eventually die off. It’s just a matter of directly addressing those that cosign the senseless acts against people of color.