"Honorary Black Man"

By Owen Petrie

To hear The News tell it, Rich Incognito isn’t the only “honorary black man” in America.

A conservative, white Republican ran for a seat on the Houston Community College Board in a predominantly African-American, Democratic district. The mythology being propagated by the media is that David Wilson or as he’s known in the press, Anti-Gay-Dave Wilson, sent out mailers with images of black folks which essentially said, “Vote for me because…uh, I’ve got Negroes on my flyers…and, er, I’m black…maybe…yeah, that’s the ticket. I’m a colored fella.” And that was all it took to defeat a 24-year incumbent. If that’s true, well, then he ought to be ashamed of himself… and I’m not talking ‘bout the white guy. 

Bruce Austin, who really is an African-American, held the job for two dozen years and apparently was so inadequate at his job, or at least inconsequential to the position, that he lost to a campaign flyer. Not BECAUSE of an ad, but TO an ad. What does that say about the people of that district? To call them low information voters would be a gross understatement.

I mean, if you accept the modern fable being transmitted through newswires around the country, the good people in that slice of Texas, 1) are pretty stupid; 2) don’t have access to the Internet, and if they do, don’t know how to negotiate that whole “Google” thing that all the kids are using nowadays; or 3) They’re the sort of historically oblivious, self-hating ignoramuses that would, say, call a white, n-word spewing bullying, Miami Dolphins offensive lineman an “honorary black.”

Could it be that they knew exactly for whom they voted and the consensus was that Bruce Austin wasn’t up to snuff? The vote for Dave Wilson surely couldn’t have been because the Houston Community College System has been wracked with scandal, ineptitude and corruption. Nah, that couldn’t be it. According to the media, the only “facts” at the voters’ disposal was whatever sneaky Dave allowed them to see.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain. Dave Wilson was not Bruce Austin and that was good enough for the majority of voters in that Texas district. 

Congratulations on your new job, Dave. I hope you serve the people well.

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