Assemblyman who originally opposed same-sex marriage bill will support veto override

By Matthew Arco | October 2nd, 2013



A GOP Assembly lawmaker who originally opposed a bill to permit same-sex marriage in New Jersey now says he will vote to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto if a bill hits the Assembly floor.

Assemblyman Chris A. Brown said during a Wednesday evening legislative debate he would vote to override the Republican governor’s veto. Brown’s announcement marks the first time during the lead up to an override vote that a lawmaker who voted against the same-sex marriage bill last year publically announced they would change their vote.

“This is a decision I came to on my own,” Brown said following the debate after telling Atlantic City residents civil rights shouldn’t be decided by a ballot referendum – as Christie has advocated.

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East Orange Write-In Mayoral Candidate Kevin Taylor to Rally Residents on Steps of City Hall to Explain Process Over 200 residents expected to be in attendance

East Orange, NJ (October 2, 2013) Kevin Taylor believes the wool was pulled over the eyes of the East Orange voters prior to the Democratic primary last June and he is determined to rectify the situation.

“A Democratic party, bereft of ideas and any plan on bringing prosperity to the residents of East Orange played the only card available to them during the primary: they traded on my name.” 

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Quintana won't run for mayor; as for Corchado...

By Max Pizarro | October 2nd, 2013


NEWARK - Newly sworn in to the position of Council President this week, and in a strong position to become the city's acting mayor, Council President Luis Quintana says he doesn't want to run for mayor next year.

"That's not something I want to do," he told Tuesday at his Spanish Tavern fundraiser for John Sharpe James, where Quintana figured to raise $12,000 for James's campaign.

"I'm not running for mayor," he said.

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Frmr Mayor James backs Booker for Senate, but more celebratory of Quintana for acting mayor

By Max Pizarro | October 1st, 2013


NEWARK – Luis Quintana radiated an acting mayor vibe in this roomful of Newark insiders crowded into the basement at the Spanish Tavern.

Yesterday, the veteran councilman assumed the oath of office as the city council’s new council president, the replacement for U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. (D-10).

Right now, he appears to have the votes to become acting mayor if Cory Booker goes to the U.S. Senate with an Oct. 16th win over Republican Steve Lonegan.

“He’s the right man at the right time,” said former Mayor Sharpe James, who attended the swearing-in and sat in the front row with Booker.

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Insurance Marketplace Makes Its Debut As Heavy Interest Bogs Down Website

Andrew Kitchenman | October 2, 2013


Community health and insurance company officials distribute information during a health-insurance marketplace kickoff held yesterday in the parking lot of a Walgreens in East Orange.


A stumbling start to the online health insurance marketplace yesterday didn’t deter those helping people enroll for insurance from predicting that the process will work smoothly in coming days.

The primary way to access the federally operated marketplace – the website – was inaccessible for much of the day, overwhelmed by the large-scale interest in the site. Federal officials said the problems weren’t related to the shutdown of the federal government that began yesterday.

Some people bypassed the website and instead reached out to local healthcare nonprofits yesterday, asking for help understanding the enrollment process. Officials with these organizations said they were taking down contact information and would be scheduling appointments to help residents enroll in the coming days, when they expect the site to be working more smoothly.

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Quintana takes the oath of office as city council president in politically charged Newark

By Max Pizarro | September 30th, 2013

NEWARK – He promised his daughter he wouldn’t cry and Luis Quintana made good on that vow in an emotional speech after taking the oath of office and making history as the city’s first Puerto Rican council president.

The ascent in a politically turbulent time puts Quintana in a position to serve as the city's acting mayor.

“There’s a separation of church and state, but no separation of us,” said Quintana, the veteran, an immigrant from San Juan who started his political life handing out leaflets for Ken Gibson, who at 25 left a job at Caldor’s to work as an aide to Newark Mayor Sharpe James.

James sat in the front row of a mobbed chamber beside his old dreaded foe, Mayor Cory Booker.

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Monmouth: Booker leads Lonegan by 13 points but most think he wants to be a celebrity first

By Max Pizarro | October 1st, 2013


Democrat Cory Booker holds a 13-point lead over Republican Steve Lonegan in the race for U.S. Senate, according to this morning's Monmouth University Poll, but voters say Booker’s ambitions are focused more on the national spotlight than serving New Jersey.

Booker holds a 53% to 40% lead over Lonegan among New Jerseyans likely to vote in the Oct. 16 special election, down slightly from the 16 point edge he held in polls taken in both August and June. The differences are within the survey’s margin of error.

Booker has solid support among Democratic voters (88%), while Lonegan musters support from 83% of his Republican base.  Independent voters give a statistically insignificant 46% to 40% edge to Booker.

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NJPAC seeks community partners to distribute low-cost tickets to upcoming performances

By Peggy McGlone/The Star-Ledger
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on October 01, 2013


The New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark is seeking community partners for its Ticket Subsidy Fund. (File Photo)


NEWARK — Community organizations interested in low-cost tickets to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center are invited to apply to this year's Ticket Subsidy Fund.

Every year, the Newark arts center has partnered with local social service organizations to distribute thousands of tickets to its upcoming performances. This year, NJPAC plans to provide 2,100 tickets worth $130,000.

NJPAC vice president of marketing Donna Walker-Kuhne called the community partnership "one of the arts center's hallmarks."

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Kevin Taylor Bolsters Write-In Mayoral Campaign with High Profile Consultants

East Orange, NJ (October 1, 2013)  East Orange mayoral hopeful, Kevin Taylor, did not win the Democratic primary last June but he says he fully expects to be victorious in the general election on November 5th. Because he was not selected to run on the Democratic Party Ticket, Taylor’s shot at becoming mayor is as a write-in candidate on Election Day. It is a shot that he says he knows he and the residents of East Orange will make.

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Booker dismisses BuzzFeed story about Twitter stripper

By Max Pizarro | September 26th, 2013

NEWARK – Mayor Cory Booker blew a loving raspberry at the BuzzFeed story that implied unseemly motives in his Twitter exchange with a West Coast stripper.

“Everyone knows I pay attention to thousands of people,” said the smiling mayor, blockaded by camera crews in the well of the Hilton Hotel this morning. “She sent kindness my way. That’s really what I was responding to.

“The only profession I avoid is journalists,” he cracked.

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